Saturday, October 27, 2012

THE "NEXT BIG THING?" The 1ST Social Commerce Company!


We are not the next "social business" we are the 1ST "Social Commerce Company". We have a higher valuation than Facebook or Google at launch, with 3.5 million in sales and ranked #99 in the Wall Street Journal's list of the 100 fastest growing companies...after ONLY THREE WEEKS!

Industry experts have projected a consumer base of 1 million members by January 1st and the fastest company in history to a billion in sales! Do you prefer paying FULL PRICE for mobile service, when you don't have to? Still prefer making someone else money when you recommend their services? Still interested in depending upon the old economy coming back to improve your family's future? If your answer is "No," Then let's  talk about how we can help you not only SAVE...but EARN an extra 1 THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH (to start), doing WHAT YOU DO EVERYDAY ANYWAY!

Don't be one of those who look back on this & say "I wish I had." Be one of those who ACT NOW!  CALL ME @ 312-508-3111 I'll give you some BONUSES that will help you get started FAST!

P.S. DON'T let this pass you by! You will KICK YOURSELF if you do...GUARANTEED!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

FREE UNLIMITED Cell/Mobile Phone Service!

WELCOME-From FREE Talk Text Data,

Well here we are on this beautiful day--MY BIRTHDAY, of all days, to introduce to you something truly remarkable...FREE UNLIMITED Cell/Mobile phone service! OH YEAH!

Are you tired of paying for your mobile/cell service month after month, year after year? If you haven't noticed, it REALLY ADDS UP! Do you know others who feel the same way you do? Then DO SOMETHING about it & JOIN THE REVOLUTION!

We have joined forces with one of the top providers in the country to REVOLUTIONIZE the way people buy & sell mobile/cell service. We are leading the way in new "Social Commerce" frontier! Not only will you SAVE MONEY on your mobile/cell service--you can get it ABSOLUTELY FREE + we'll PAY YOU when you tell others, and they too join the REVOLUTION! Furthermore, there is NO CONTRACT to lock you in! We feel that if a service is truly AWESOME, then you shouldn't need to "LOCK IN" you customers; They'll stay with you if you're that good!

This is a GREAT FUNDRAISER for Schools, Churches, Charities, Clubs, etc., to raise continuous funds throughout the year, using a vehicle that EVERYONE already has (a cell phone) & mobile service! How many people do YOU know who doesn't have a mobile/cell phone? How many people do you know who would PREFER to get that service absolutely FREE?

This is the REAL DEAL! No GIMMICKS! Contact us TODAY!

FREE Talk Text Data